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2019-02-15 "Faderuttan Tuttan Tjabo"

2019-02-03 Update
Added some stuff.

2017-05-31 "New Daze"
New Confusion.

2017-05-03 "Big Fat Rats"
Rowdy rodents abound.

2017-03-30 "The Bastard"
Hell is other people

2016-12-07 "Give Me Proof"
Onus probandi.

2016-11-16 "At the Other End"
Damage and loss.

2016-10-26 "Breakfast Parties"
Most important meal of the day.

2016-09-28 "Get Ready for Matrix"
Simulacra and simulation.

2016-05-17 "Faderuttan Tuttan Tjabo"
It's raw power.

2016-05-03 "Faderattantattan Back"
Gardening is futile.

2016-04-19 "Kuckelimackalacka"
Collective living.

2016-02-16 "Boinkus Doinkus meets Fjongolo Bongolo"
Hello. My name is Fjongolo Bongolo. You killed my father.

2016-01-26 "More Ass (No Less)"
Coo, coo, ca-choo, Mrs White

2015-12-04 "Tjonkala Konkala (A Tragic Case)"
Fear and Loathing in Jyväskylä

2015-11-29 "Zeilco Pirruitas"
The Dictatorship of the Croatian Proletariat

2015-10-25 "Konrad Barruitas"
The Dictatorship of the Slovak Proletariat

2015-10-15 "Oinkimaquas"
Thorough lubrication

2015-01-14 "Precisions"
Death shall be their acquisitions

2014-11-12 "Illusionists"
The invisible hand of revenge

2014-10-22 "Institution"
Rising from the ashes

2014-10-01 Backlogification is now completed

Ceci n'est pas une Pipe

"A Mountain of a Man"
Huge speakers

We are not men

"Free Dominion"
Radio Free Cake

Ja tvoi Rabotnik

"Channeling Gene Symons"
Call from beyond

"The Sound"
More of the same

2012-03-24 "Naval Warfare"
The gloves are off

2012-03-18 "The Rushing Hour"
L'enfer, c'est les autres

"Straight Communication (Poom Tang)"
Vague innuendos

"Serial Exposure"
Impending doom

"Reverend Mister Cake (The Mission)"
Roll call in five

"Bragged-about Mobile"
Cellular flamboyancy

Move that bowel!

"He Who Shall Not Be Named"
Is he not a man?

2012-01-23 "Age, Nationality, Looks"
Jack & Coke

"The Battle of Haakon Juholt"

"Spaghetti Bolognese (with loads of fricadelli)"
Best in stada

"Call Me Mister"
Replacing Bon Scott

2011-10-09 "First Sparkle in Public"
A sparkle, a voice

2011-09-28 "Fluxmondül"
Trans-continental fluxmondülism

2011-09-27 "I Forgot to Phone my Mistress"
Wasted on tangerines

2011-09-13 Long-time collaborator Filip Cake in full swing

2011-09-12 Extreme biggish backlog

"You Like It Like That"
You know you do

"Nascent Retribution"
No remorse

"Back to Johno"

All aboard!

"Hard Core Values"
Call me Mister

"Last Man in Space"
Bigger than Elvis

"A Case of Inconvenience"
Clowns to the left, clowns to the right. Clowns in the middle.

"He Had Longer Hair than Frank Zappa"
Various pieces of furniture

"The Eternal Circus of Life, Death, and Redemption"
Being Backman

"Being Gene Symons"
Open for business

"The 2nd Coming of Bob Halford"
Repent or burn!

Medals for my cakewerk

Cakewerk for my medals

"White Hole"
White hole turned black

Cake on cake

"Wayne Country"
Ride the Lightning II

"Union of Electrified West"
Ride the Lightning I

"The Great Watershed of 77"
White sport turned brown

2010-11-16 Somewhat biggish backlog
More to come.

"Indication of the Fear"

"An Inquest Concerning Rupert Hine"
1980. Almost out of smokes. Thanks for listening.

"King of the 5th Column"
Rey de la Quinta columna

2010-09-17 "Safety of the Pankakas"

2010-09-10 "Straight Communicaion (Pønketi-Pønk)"
Yes. Yes.

2010-09-03 "Divergent Messages"
Yes. No.

2010-08-27 "A Zumpa Dumpa Holiday"
Worse things happen at sea

2010-05-21 "Retina and Movement"
Further ophtalmological inquiry

2010-05-14 "No Traditions"
Jehovah! Jehovah!

2010-05-07 "Shape and Form of Wine and Cathedrals"

2010-04-23 "Magnets and Such"
Damn them!

2010-03-26 "Intention to Sell"
Cellular communication devices

2010-03-19 "Early Morning Practice"
Get the worm

2010-03-12 "Return of the Opsal"
Shuffle strut

2010-03-05 "Köp en sill (och ett nytt paraply)"
A tribute to URB

2010-03-05 "Advanced Study and Meditation"
National Hungarian Collegium for Cowardice

2009-02-19 "Straight Communication (Pinky-Dink)"
Cliff Richard's pretty cool as well

2010-02-12 "Looking In"
Death of a Central European Salesman

2010-02-05 "Ze Fog"
Nass und Nebel

2010-01-29 "Monuments and Parks"
More songs about monuments and parks

2010-01-22 "High Profile Motel Pt. II"
More songs about buildings

2010-01-22 "Caned on Friday"
Commander of the Cane

2009-12-04 Uppsala gig. Fait accompli.

2009-10-23 Even huger backlog
Sorry about that. Generally, the RSS feed is always updated.

"Seeded in Rock"
Bang the drum

"High Profile Motel Pt. 1"
No vacancies

"World War Ridemann"
Zu Befehl!

"Crack of the Spine"
Whip it! Whip it good!

"Electric Guitar - Earl Mankey, Bass Guitar - Jim Mankey"
Full Nelson

"A Mustachos Spenatos Nightclub"
Mustachos! Spenatos!

"Nasty Epilogue"
Abominable aftermath

"El Mazañata, Corrupt"
You say "pataita", I say "mazañata"

"A Shayas Continuum"

2009-03-25 Backlog

"Hornball (vocal)"
Over the top

Meine Ruh' ist hin, Mein Herz ist schwer

"Rewinding the Pataitas"
You say "pataita", I say "tamaita"

"From Massive to Slight"
What's up, Doc?

2009-03-10 "3rd Vox (2009 mix)"
New creations have to be let out

2009-03-09 "The Mack"
In every dream home a heartache

2009-03-08 "The Filiokus"
Viva la bohème!

2009-02-28 "Mr Boulyonkos"
Love's got no class

2009-02-08 "The Filur"
12-bar mög

2009-02-08 "The Toilet"
Quick & Dirty

2009-02-08 "Hornball (Instrumental)"
Horn-Bolero. Vokills to follow.

2009-01-18 "Be My Puss"
Kitty, kitty, kitty!

2009-01-11 "The Pervert Extension"
Kurtz don't bowl.

2008-12-18 "Unlimited Vision"
Old-skool mög.

2008-12-07 "The Cockwalk"
The final walk of cock.

2008-12-01 Quadruple whammy

"The Original Rummies"
Hazy recollections of lost time

"The Transformer"
One woman's descent into depravity

"Sex Cult 10"
Hungaro-Swedish promiscuity drawing nearer

"Big Fat Electronic Piano"
Ebony and ivory, together in perfect harmony

2008-10-29 "We Need More Pajama Musicians"
Works of art with a minimum of steel

2008-10-10 "Incapable Adult"
One man's struggle with the absurdity of everyday life.

2008-09-28 "Abnormal Fattish Brain Substance"
Cerebral atherosclerosis.

2008-09-21 "Disgusting Table Manners" Chew with your mouth shut. Don't speak unless spoken to.

2008-09-14 "He Smoked Cigarettes" Well, actually he did.

2008-09-07 "Extreme Biggish Arms" continues the exploration of abnormally enlarged body parts.

2008-08-31 New season, new sessions. "Department of Alcohol"
Dipsomaniacal melancholy.

2008-07-21 "3rd Vox (reprise)"
Re-recording with less dropouts than the original. You can look me up on a little dot.

2008-07-08 "This Man's Soul"
Perfunctory exegesis of the oeuvre of David Bowie.

2008-07-08 "Topless in the City"
Finally cleared for publication.

2008-05-29 "Future Legends"
Some kind of statement for or against something. Maybe.

2008-05-18 "Straight Communication (Poinky Doink)"
Lose the deadbeat. Get to know Cake.

2008-05-09 "Europäische Nihilismus"
We are nihilists, Lebowski. We believe in nothing.

2008-04-15 "Where are the goddamn bowls?"
A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

2008-04-15 "Remarkable Achievement" rehearsal video.
Click for instant gratification.

2008-04-10 "Remarkable Achievement"
O-soto-gari! Harai-goshi! Ippon!

2008-04-04 "Skinnydip"
Domestic policy, Realpolitik, and nastiness.

2008-03-17 "30 Second Man"
Foreign policy, Realpolitik, and nastiness.

2008-03-17 "Stagnation"
You know the drill. Assume the position!

2008-02-29 "No Shame Whatosever"
Mongolian Deep Throat-stylee.

2008-02-17 Major Update

Updates have been scarce lately, due to a cancelled gig, and general laziness. Sorry about that. For now, bask in the radiance of the old, unimproved Kurtz stonking away on new, improved tracks such as:

"Raging Flesh"
Third Reich'n'Roll.

A tribute to the masters of free-form jazz.

"Rainbow of Wickedness"
Weltschmerz in Technicolor.

"My Purpose is the Real One"
Solipsist delusions of grandeur.

A breathtaking odyssey into the female anatomy.

"Topless in the City"
* Put on hold, awaiting juridical clearance.

2008-02-17 New Strings for the Old Ceremony

Old hat, new recordings. Indistiguishable from real music for a casual listener.

"Fat Bunt (All Mine)". Res ipsa loquitur.

"Decadence Hall". Monumental and divine.

"Melting". Bubblegum goth.

2007-11-11 "Jigging for the Sake to Refuse". Stick it to The Man!

2007-11-11 New Turkish Revenge mix of "Simple But Stern Code".
Oriental business - European tears.

2007-11-05 "The Question". Hodgepodge of political scandals, whisky addiction and the usual deviance.

2007-11-05 "Simple But Stern Code (Lounge version)"
Stuck in nightmares of sleazy peepshow clubs. Seven hours to go until dawn.

2007-10-13 "Somewhat Biggish Head" telling the sad story of Jim Morrison's untimely demise. Maybe there's a lesson in it for all of us.

2007-10-01    Click link for streaming audio.

2007-10-01 Double whammy! "Unhealthy Echoes" and "Prepare for the Means" lovingly crafted for your enjoyment.

2007-09-16 Enter "Oblivion". Denial is policy.

2007-09-09 Der Kampf geht weiter. "The Everlasting Bitch" taking social commentary to a new level. Not necessarily higher.

2007-09-02 Back in the saddle. "Lots to Eat" committed to tape. Life's too good.

2007-06-01 "He Sat In Taxis" unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. Cheap thrills, cheap riffs.

2007-05-25 Kaliningrad Cowboys go west. "The Crook of Königsberg" in your face. Free Phil Spector!

2007-05-11 Unholy and untight, "Introducing Gene Symons" sees the light on the new page. Jacques de Molay, thou art avenged!

2007-05-04 New sacrilegious offering from the Kurtz camp:
"Fat Bunt (All Mine)". Get it on the new page.
Soaring with the pigs at night.

2007-05-03 By popular request, the old page updated with the 2006 classic "Laughing Sutch". Puts the 'laughter' in 'slaughter'.

2007-04-27 Sample the new page for the international top-10 hit "Appalling Specs". No flesh shall be spared.

2007-04-20 Back in the saddle. New hit "Ugly Celebrities" just a click away on the new page. Low-budget abhorrence in sombre colours.

2007-03-31 Spanking new epic "Lowered Back" available on the new page. Swing slow, sweet chariot.

2007-03-24 New song "Trans Europe Pank" up on the new page.
Pub rock for the ill-fated.

2007-03-18 Video clip for "Socialization" available.
Contains mild nudity and no-holds-barred dancing.

2007-03-17 New song Socialization available for download. Sanctified and monumental.

2007-03-12 Related section up and running.
Page in business, then. Yay!

2007-03-11 New song Cutoff up for grabs.
Old section touched up.
Bio and Link sections up and running.

2007-03-05 Site exhumed and revamped.